Korean Shirt Rooms, also known as noraebang, are a popular form of entertainment in South Korea. They offer private karaoke rooms where people can sing, dance, and have a good time with friends and family. While it’s important to know what to carry when visiting a Korean Shirt Room, it’s equally important to know what not to carry. Here are some things you should not carry when visiting a Korean 강남사라있네.

Illegal Drugs

It goes without saying that illegal drugs are not allowed in Korean Shirt Rooms. Bringing illegal drugs to a noraebang can result in serious legal consequences, including fines, imprisonment, and deportation. It’s essential to stay away from illegal drugs and to avoid people who use them.

Outside Food or Drinks

Most Gangnam 강남사라있네 have a food and drink menu that customers can order from. Bringing outside food or drinks to a noraebang is not allowed, and can result in additional charges or penalties. It’s recommended to order food and drinks from the menu, as it can enhance your overall experience.

Expensive Jewelry or Valuables

Korean Shirt Rooms are private rooms, but they are not completely isolated from the outside world. It’s important to avoid carrying expensive jewelry or valuables, as they can attract the attention of thieves. It’s recommended to carry only the necessary items and to leave valuables at home.


Bringing weapons to a Korean Shirt Room is not only illegal but also dangerous. Weapons can cause harm to other customers and can result in serious legal consequences. It’s important to avoid carrying any weapons, including knives, guns, or pepper spray.

Large Bags or Luggage

Korean Shirt Rooms have limited space and carrying large bags or luggage can cause inconvenience to other customers. It’s recommended to carry only a small bag or purse that can fit under the table.