Dinner and Bikes

For about five years I traveled with the Dinner and Bikes tour, a fabulous road show that headed to a different region of the U.S. to bring people together to eat delicious food and get inspired about bicycle transportation. My good pals Elly Blue and Joe Biel put on an amazing interactive presentation that highlights what they call Groundswell movements, incidences where people demand better neighborhood conditions and successfully implemented them. All the while the crowd gets to munch on a snacktacular several course meal prepared by my other good pal and tourmate, traveling vegan chef Joshua Ploeg.

On the road I spent most of my time running their traveling bookstore, shooting photos, sometimes updating the tour blog, having delightful conversations with new friends each night, and trying to stay out of trouble when the show’s over.

June 2016 tour highlights.

2013 Р2015 tour highlights.