Selected works:

On the Line: Chicago’s Long Fight Against Killer Cops (The Progressive)

Fight for 15 day of action targets McDonald’s (Nation of Change)

Their Voices Have Echoed in the Streets for 135 Years (Third Coast Review)

Thousands flood the streets of Chicago to protest the killing of Adam Toledo (Nation of Change)

Call It by Its Name: Wednesday Was a Fascist Riot (Third Coast Review)

Chicagoans Celebrate Biden/Harris Victory, Trump Defeat (Third Coast Review)

Standing in the Fire (Quarantine Times)

‘We need the largest voter turnout’: Sanders takes his campaign to Chicago (Nation of Change)

Trump Commutes Sentence of Rod Blagojevich (Third Coast Review)

Today, we rise into our power!: The 2020 Women’s March (Nation of Change)

‘These acts of war are not perpetrated out of concern for humanity’: Thousands march in more than 70 cities to acts of war against Iran (Nation of Change)

Mayor Lightfoot Fires Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson Ahead of Retirement Over “Ethical Lapses” (Third Coast Review)

I Want Nothing (no quid pro quo) Is the Anthem We Needed (Third Coast Review)

CTU Strike Comes to a Close, Classes Back in Session Friday (Third Coast Review)

Trump Delivers ‘Greatest Hits’ Speech to Conference Before Fundraiser, Thousands Protest Throughout the Day (Third Coast Review)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Joins Striking Chicago Teachers on the Picket Line (Third Coast Review)

Chicago teachers strike for better wages and more resources (Nation of Change)

Chicago Teachers and Support Staff Will Begin Strike on Thursday (Third Coast Review)

Chicagoans demand climate justice in massive #GlobalClimateStrike (Nation of Change)

Vigil for El Paso in Pilsen: ‘We’re Survivors Above Everything’ (Third Coast Review)

Review: Classic Chicago Punk Shines at 350 Fest (Third Coast Review)

Putting out a Garbage Fyre: How reproductive rights advocates countered a week long anti-choice conference (Nation of Change)

Elizabeth Warren at Chicago Town Hall: “We Need Power Elsewhere in the System” (Third Coast Review)

Thousands of Chicagoans Protest Ahead of Potential ICE Raids (Third Coast Review)

‘Enough is enough’: Thousands go on strike to support McDonald’s workers fighting for $15 an hour (Nation of Change)

Reproductive Rights Activists Rally and March Through The Loop (Third Coast Review)

Lori Lightfoot Becomes Chicago’s First Black Woman Mayor (Third Coast Review)

Lori Lightfoot Wins in a Landslide in Mayoral Runoff (Third Coast Review)

Bernie Sanders rallies in Chicago – the same city that inspired his political activism (Nation of Change)

Backlash to Rahm Emanuel’s Education Record Impacts Chicago Mayor’s Race (Shadowproof)

Chicago Activists Demand Candidates for Mayor Back Civilian Police Accountability (Shadowproof)

Five Mayoral Hopefuls Commit to Ambitious Progressive Agenda at Forum (Third Coast Review)

J.B. Pritzker Sworn in as Governor of Illinois (Third Coast Review)

Let Them Eat Wall (Visu.News)

How Megaprojects Perpetuate Income Inequality is a Major Issue for Next Chicago Mayor (Shadowproof)

Chicago Organizers Have Message for Next Mayor: Support People’s Agenda or Face Resistance (Shadowproof)

Democrats Win Big In Illinois (Third Coast Review)

Obama Headlines Get Out the Vote Rally for Illinois Democrats (Third Coast Review)

Minus The Bear Says Farewell to Chicago (Third Coast Review)

Chance The Rapper Endorses Amara Enyia for Mayor (Third Coast Review)

‘This is just the beginning’ – Chicagoans fighting for police accountability react to verdict in trial of officer Jason Van Dyke (Nation of Change)

Hotel Workers Have Been on Strike for One Week — And Restaurants Are Feeling the Squeeze (Chicago Magazine)

“Undecided” is a Big Contender in the Chicago Mayor’s Race, and That’s Good (Third Coast Review)

Rahm Emanuel’s Departure is a Golden Opportunity for Chicagoans Fighting for Change (Third Coast Review)

Eight Years on, SlutWalk Chicago is Still Going Strong (Chicago Magazine)

Horner Park Mayoral Candidate Forum Kicks Off 2019 Mayoral Race (Third Coast Review)

Parkland students join Chicagoans to march against gun violence (Nation of Change)

Chicago Police Accountability Activists Score Temporary Victory as City Council Postpones Vote on Cop Academy (Visu.News)

The Fight Against the Far Right Requires Tackling White Nationalist Institutions (Truthout)

Tennessee Welcomes White Supremacist Conference by Deploying Police to Shield Attendees From Protesters (Shadowproof)

Chicago Marches for MayDay (Visu.News)

Community Investment, Safety Without Cops: Good Kids Mad City Organizes Against Gun Violence (Shadowproof)

Behind The Scenes at the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay (Third Coast Review)

Gallery: Sunday Cosplay at C2E2 2018 (Third Coast Review)

Gallery: Saturday Cosplay at C2E2 2018 (Third Coast Review)

C2E2 2018 Saturday Panel Catchup (Third Coast Review)

Gallery: Friday at C2E2 2018 (Third Coast Review)

Chicago Rallies For Stephon Clark (Visu.News)

‘No Cop Academy’: Activists stage day-long demonstration against police academy to be built in Chicago (Nation of Change)

Tens of Thousands of Chicagoans Join the March For Our Lives (Visu.News)

White Supremacist Richard Spencer Rejected by Hundreds of Protesters at Michigan State University (Visu.News)

New Lawsuit Demands Records Regarding Chicago’s Amazon Bid (Visu.News)

Mayor McCarthy? Former CPD Chief, Whose Tenure Was Rocked by Misconduct, Wants Chicago’s Top Job (In Justice Today)

Hundreds march in Chicago on Black Friday to protest police brutality and demand accountability (Nation of Change)

More than 100 Journalists Lost Their Platform Yesterday, I’m One Of Them (Medium)

Second City Workers Rally To Support Union Organization (Visu.News)

A Staunch Conservative Might Be Challenging Gov. Rauner In The Primary (Chicagoist)

Community Marks 3rd Anniversary Of Laquan McDonald Shooting With ‘Laquan Day’ Protests (Chicagoist)

Chicagoans Demonstrate Against NRA & Call For Stricter Gun Laws (Chicagoist)

Rep Confirms That Garry McCarthy Could Run For Mayor In 2019 (Chicagoist)

Stunning Solar Eclipse Photos From The ‘Eclipse Crossroads Of America’ In Illinois (Chicagoist)

These Activists Will March 200 Miles To Springfield Over The State Budget (Chicagoist)

Rauner’s Latest Not A Campaign Ad Trumpets Small Business Week (Chicagoist)

Chicago’s May Day Marches Honor History, Mock Political Leaders (Chicagoist)

Rauner Launches 2-Day State Tour Totally Unrelated To Re-Election Campaign (Chicagoist)

Chi Town Cosplay – Our C2E2 Gallery (Forces of Geek)

Inside The Cosplay, Comics & Celebrity-Sightings Of C2E2 2017 (Chicagoist)

All These People Want Trump To Release His Tax Returns (Chicagoist)

Rauner’s New Campaign Ads Are Reminiscent Of 2014 Campaign (Chicagoist)

Protesters Denounce Trump On Travel Ban, Police Abuse & Treatment Of Women (Chicagoist)

Protesters Rally For International Women’s Day, Face Down Counter-Protester (Chicagoist)

Trump Gives Ultra-Nationalist Address To Congress Sure To ‘Renew The American Spirit’ (Chicagoist)

‘This Protest Is Real News’ & Other Favorite Signs From ‘Not My President’s Day’ (Chicagoist)

Cook County Officials Decry Affordable Care Act Repeal (Chicagoist)

Despite Nearly 2 Years Without A Budget, Rauner Gives 3rd Budget Address (Chicagoist)

New State Bill Would Require Presidential Candidates To Release Tax Returns (Chicagoist)

Protesters Fill O’Hare Terminal Again In The Face Of Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ (Chicagoist)

Here’s Where Your Illinois Rep Stands On Trump’s Immigration Order (Chicagoist)

Multiple Arrests In Massive Anti-Trump March Through Loop, On LSD (Chicagoist)

Rauner Gives State Of The State Speech Amid All-Too-Familiar Budget Crisis (Chicagoist)

Activists shut down Michigan Ave post marathon to protest police training conference (Truthout)

Groups blast Rahm’s police department reforms (Chicagoist)

Watch me learn how to throw axes in the West Loop (Chicagoist)

Rahm’s anti-crime speech leaves Aldermen, residents unimpressed (Chicagoist)

Rauner takes his ‘Turnaround Agenda’ to Facebook Live (Chicagoist)

Automatic voter registration supporters blast Rauner for veto (Chicagoist)

Gruesome video shows moments before police shot Paul O’Neal in the back (Chicagoist)

Could Dick Durbin save us from a second term of Governor Rauner? (Chicagoist)

Activists fill the streets again to demand policy accountability (Chicagoist)

Ex-Rep. Joe Walsh calls for ‘war’ on Obama and Black Lives Matter (Chicagoist)

No one is really celebrating Illinois’ stopgap budget deal (Chicagoist)

Activists demand elected civilian police accountability board (Chicagoist)

Police carry protesters out of West Loop Walmart (Chicagoist)

Chicago aldermen push for “blue lives matter” ordinance (Chicagoist)

Minimum wage workers camp out at McDonald’s shareholders meeting (Chicagoist

Thousands flood Springfield to protest Rauner as budget impasse drags on (Chicagoist)

Illinois richest man became $1.7 billion richer in 2015 (Chicagoist)

Chicago May Day march exorcises Trump, celebrates diversity (Chicagoist)

Pay tribute to Riot Grrl and the early 90’s (Chicagoist)

Bernie Sanders fires up crowd at Chicago State University (Chicagoist)

Trump rally postponed due to ‘safety’ concerns (Chicagoist)

After national outcry, Illinois lawmakers drop awful bill that would hurt single moms (Chicagoist)

Inside the angry, xenophobic universe that is a Donald Trump rally (Chicagoist)

Emanuel Might’ve Won, But A Progressive Movement Is Still Percolating In Chicago (Chicagoist)

How the power of cooperation transformed a vacant lot in south Chicago (Shareable)

Solidarity during wartime in the streets of Chicago (Shareable)

Second city strike: Chicago teachers take to the streets for a day of action (Alternet)

Chicago Teachers’ one day strike more than just a contract fight (Alternet)

Wikileaks hacktivist faces up to 10 years in prison (In These Times)

Burger King footage still a mystery in Laquan McDonald case (Truthout)

Free speech scores a hat trick (Truthout)

The wild, unadulterated joy of revolt (Truthout)

Chicago youth discuss police brutality, spark debate over CPD accountability (Progress Illinois)

Marktown residents, supporters rally against Keystone XL pipeline (Progress Illinois)

Chicago area activists, families, call on Holder to investigate shootings by local police (Progress Illinois)