C2E2 Chicago 2018

I spent a weekend in April at C2E2, one of Chicago’s largest fandom conventions, shooting and reporting for Third Coast Review, a Chicago based arts and culture website. I ended up walking away with hundreds of frames, along with quite a few stories. Below is a full gallery from the convention, followed by a list of links to coverage I contributed to.

Cosplay1 Batmobile SundayRickandMortyLiveDraw2 SundayRickandMortyLiveDraw1 SundayRichardDivizioMattMuchowskiLumpen SundayFloor SundayCosplay8 SundayCosplay7 SundayCosplay6 SundayCosplay5 SundayCosplay4 SundayCosplay3 SundayCosplay2 SundayCosplay1 Ricky Whittle Mark Sheppard6 Mark Sheppard3 Mark Sheppard2 Mark Sheppard1 Lady D and D Panel2 Lady D and D Panel1 Entrance Cosplaycontest18 Cosplaycontest17 Cosplaycontest16 Cosplaycontest15 Cosplaycontest14 Cosplaycontest13 Cosplaycontest12 Cosplaycontest11 Cosplaycontest10 Cosplaycontest9 Cosplaycontest8 Cosplaycontest7 Cosplaycontest6 Cosplaycontest5 Cosplaycontest4 Cosplaycontest3 Cosplay3 Cosplay2Cosplay4

Behind The Scenes at the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay (Third Coast Review)

Gallery: Sunday Cosplay at C2E2 2018 (Third Coast Review)

Gallery: Saturday Cosplay at C2E2 2018 (Third Coast Review)

C2E2 2018 Saturday Panel Catchup (Third Coast Review)

Gallery: Friday at C2E2 2018 (Third Coast Review)

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