2016 RNC

In July, I traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to cover the xenophobic carnival that was the 2016 Republican National Convention for Chicagoist. I spent time with political activists and resistors, gun nuts and street preachers, vehement supporters of carnival barker Donald Trump, locals who felt displaced from their own home and more. Here are some of those stories.

  • Demonstrators marching against Donald Trump in downtown Cleveland.

Who I met at the 2016 Republican National Convention:

Chicagoist coverage:

Day 1 – Gun nuts, polar bears and street preachers descend on Cleveland

Day 2 – Pop up museum highlights Trump’s failures

Day 2 – Militia members, artists and protesters

Day 3 – Immigrants rights activists wall off Trump

Day 3 – More than 17 arrests as Revolutionary Communist Party burns a flag

Day 4 – The myth of piss and other absurd moments I saw outside the RNC

Special thanks to Tyler LaRiviere for the camera work in the videos and the photo galleries in the Chicagoist posts. Follow his work here.

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