2016 DNC

In July, I traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to cover the 2016 Democratic National Convention for Chicagoist and Gothamist. I spent time with political activists and resistors, party line democrats and delegates, disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters and more. Here are some of those stories.

Protesters swarm sweltering Philly: ‘Hell no DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary!’ (Gothamist)

Hillary Clinton locks in historic nomination following failed revolt from Sanders’ supporters (Gothamist)

Photos: Bernie or bust protests intensify outside Democratic convention (Gothamist)

After a mellow day in the park, protests heat up Wednesday night at the DNC (Gothamist)

Democratic heavyweights try to pull party together for Hillary (Gothamist)

DNC Night 4: Pomp, patriotism and ZOMG balloons! (Gothamist)

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